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I was taged by sweet Cecilie. Usually I don´t do these kind of stuff, but what the hell, lets try it:)
And sorry for my bad English.

1. When did you get truly passionate about makeup?

Hard to say, my sis did my makeup one day when I was like 10-13 years, and ever since that i´ve been passionate. But truly passionate maby 5 years.

2. What’s your favorite eyeshadow, (color or name)?
Can´t think of a favorite, just to make it easy I will say 120 palette;)

3. What do you love the most about blogging?

Beeing able to show my creativ side and inspire others, and of corse my readers lovely comments!<3

4. Which beauty guru/-s or other people, inspire your work?
Zombie guru Gregory Nicotero!

5. What are your three favorite makeup brands, that you would recommend to others?
Actually I dont think about brands, I buy from all kinds of brands to see what products I like. So you can say that I think about the products instead of the brands. But the cheaper the better;) Then you can buy loads of stuff instead of maybe just one lipstick.

6. Which country is the first one on your list, to visit?
USA. (New york), and I dont have to wait long. Going on the 9 of May:))

7. What’s your “go-to” beauty product?
M.u.s cover all mix

8. What’s your favorite color to wear on the lips?
Hard one, I love love love red, but alsow love bright pink. But if I have to choose, red.

9. What other interests do you have, besides makeup?

I love painting, however long time since i´ve done it. I´m having truble finding the time for it.

10. From the makeup looks you’ve created, what’s your personal favorite?
Maybe my Halloween look from 2011. The 18th century zombie how was the victim to a crazy surgeon.

11. If you were a Disney princess, who would you be?
Haha I can´t even remember the caracters. Maybe if you ask me in a couple of years when im a mother and is gonna be forced to watch that shit again;)

Dont know how to tag or what kind of questions I would ask. So I will leave it blank.

Postat av: Matilda/Colorfulmakeups

Men gud, gillar du inte disney!? :O De som är bäst lixom <3

2012-04-13 @ 18:01:10
URL: http://colorfulmakeups.com
Postat av: Jenna

Jag är inte heller nåt fan av Disney. =P

Den enda Disney-filmen jag sett mer än en gång är Skönheten och Odjuret.

Såg inte Lejongkungen förrän jag var typ 24... (jag är 28 idag)

2012-04-13 @ 18:09:53
URL: http://lifeofladyj.blogg.se/
Postat av: Maria

Åh herre min mamma! Vilken otrolig målning!! Säljs den? :)

2012-04-13 @ 21:41:19
URL: http://malijamaloo.soclog.se
Postat av: Maria

Haha okey! Ni kan få behålla väggen då ;)

2012-04-16 @ 11:59:09
URL: http://malijamaloo.soclog.se

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